Trying to think of unique gifts to give to friends and family is half the fun of the holiday season – which, if you weren’t aware, started yesterday…..this is a “prototype” of what I’ve come up with for my Foodie Friends – I had to make one for myself to be sure it was worth it!  (If you’re a Foodie Friend and I give you one of these gifts remember to act surprised!)


All packaged nice and neatly in a clear pie box – tied with a pretty ribbon, cute, no?  Inside you can see all the goodies….an apron, which I will embroider with the lucky recipient’s name….recipe cards to write down their best cookie recipe on (so they can send it to me as a thank you!)….a cookie cutter to shape those wonderful cookies, cinnamon spice to give them that holiday flavor, a wooden spoon to mix the batter ever so gently, a pastry brush to make the butter glazing easier, a scraper so clean-up will be a cinch and a piece of chocolate to get them in the right mood to bake!  I think they’ll like it – what do you think?