I’m a foodie who is always on a diet – but I refuse to eat “diet” food – only good food is worth the chew! I’m also a maker of mostly unremarkable quilts, but it’s a hobby/habit that I can’t quite withdraw from. Living in Seattle provides me with inspiration (and just a tad bit too much precipitation) but I’m not complaining, it’s the most beautiful place on the planet.  I would be completely happy if I could eat AND quilt at the same time – but, talented as I am, I’ve yet to master that!


One Response to “About”

  1. Jean Van Bockel Says:

    I was cruising through sock monkey sites and your naptime monkey quilt came up. So fun to see it. When I designed the quilt for the book there were hardly any polka dot fabrics and the first line of sock monkey fabric had just come out. Now you can find them everywhere!

    Thanks for posting your quilt. It is darling and I hope your grandson has loved it to pieces by now.

    Jean Van Bockel

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