Miscellaneous Rants

I was shopping this morning in a local store that sells gift wrap, ribbons, and boxes and there were two people in the store….me and some guy who was buying a single sheet of gift wrap and a piece of ribbon.  He paid his money and then set this little box on the counter and asked if they would please wrap it for him.  There were 4 clerks standing behind the counter…..FOUR….and none of them moved – finally one said, “I’m sorry, we don’t wrap gifts here.”   The man then asked if they knew where he could get his gift wrapped – all four of them shook their heads back and forth and one whimpered a “sorry.”  

Four employees with NOTHING to do… tape and scissors on the counter and not one of them could help this guy!  So I asked if I could use some of their tape and told the guy I would be happy to wrap his gift for him.  He was so happy!  “Oh thank you, thank you, you are most kind!”  He even bowed a little!!!  (He was not an American – hence the bow….which I could get used it!)  It took me all of 2 minutes to wrap his gift, tie on the ribbon and attach his card – while all four of the ejits behind the counter stood there and watched. 

What has happened to customer service?!?!  When a guy is buying gift wrap, well, that’s like me buying a carbuerator – I may know what it’s for but I would have no clue as to what to do with it!  (I don’t even actually know what it’s for but that’s not the point!)  This man basically needed a favor – a very SMALL favor – something that someone with any business sense (or common courtesy) should have been happy to oblige.   So they don’t wrap packages – would it have hurt them to wrap this one customer’s gift??  Possibly keeping him as a customer?  I could understand them saying no if the place was busy or if he asked to have several items wrapped….but really…..when a man asks for help with gift wrap, isn’t that a little bit like watching a wounded animal?  I just don’t understand how they could have refused!

That’s my soapbox for today…..I’m glad I was there to help him – one good deed deserves another…what did you do today?


getattachment1.jpgI picked up this little book the other day at Sur La Table – and since I thought I aspired to be a Food Snob, I knew I would thoroughly enjoy this “essential lexicon of gastronomical knowledge.”  Well, much to my surprise, I discovered that I was not only NOT a Food Snob but I now know my aspirations to be one were totally off course!  The Food Snob’s Dictionary has this description of a “Food Snob n: reference term for the sort of food obsessive for whom the actual joy of eating and cooking is but a side dish to the accumulation of arcane knowledge about these subjects.”  How could I have been so wrong?!?  The accumulation of knowledge is not something I have ever sought…in any area of my life…. as my friends and family will attest!  This means, however, that I am just a Foodie, and interestingly enough, The Food Snob’s Dictionary does not even include this term within it’s pages!!!  Talk about a glaring oversight!  So I, proudly, have come up with my own definition of a… Foodie n:  reference term for the sort of food obsessive for whom the actual joy of eating, tasting, licking, slurping, etc., etc.,  is enough!  Who needs knowledge when you can have a eclair?